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电磁流量计 , 孔板流量计

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Rig using common sense?[ 2012-05-11 ]
Answer: (1) class maintenance: The outer surface of the drill is wiped clean, and pay attention to the rig substructure slideway, vertical surface cleaning and good lubrication. The examination of all open bolt, nut, insurance and other solid and reliabl...
About T bits[ 2012-05-11 ]
my company's patent product T drill teeth is a new type of pressing bits, main features:1, the use of the drill bit front lip surface is a flat bottom shape, use one or several back to times, lip surface wear to form a plurality of concentric circle dentate ( groove ), in the process of drilling with drill bit wear, consumption, multi-channel concentric circle dentate ( groove ) will be gradually extended to the drill bit, and maintain complete wear.
How to choose drilling rig?[ 2012-05-11 ]
drilling machine including drilling rig, mud pump, engine ( diesel engine or motor) and tower. Choose drilling machine, should be based on drilling purpose, hole depth, hole structure and transportation condition.
Inclined pile drilling equipment should choose what kind of rig?[ 2012-05-11 ]
inclined pile drilling equipment should be chosen such a rig: diameter of less than 1000of the proposal by the vertical shaft type rotary drilling rig, cases of XY--4, - 5, - 44, and adjusting the vertical shaft to your point of view, the waist type drill bit can be.
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