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FLYDISC Shines at 2012 INDO ICON & BIMEX[ 2012-11-19 ]
FLYDISC Shines at 2012 INDO ICON & BIMEX On 17-22nd March, 2012, INDO ICON & BIMEX was first held at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran-Indonesia the fair covers nearly 10,000 square meters; attracted nearly 127 exhibitors and 2245 trade visitors w...
2012Zambia International Mining Exhibition ZIMEC2012Africa[ 2012-05-11 ]
ZIMEC is the only Mining Exhibition in Zambia, the show 's theme is through the cooperation and development of Zambia mineral industry. ZIMEC is committed to the field of mining unit provides technical exchange, trade, cooperation, development platform. ZIMEC is by Zambia Mining Association, Zambia Mineral Exploration Institute, AMETRADE company to be sponsorred jointly, each year in the Zambia capital Lusaka held a session. For the development of Zambia mining industry market international busi
FLYDISC participating in the 2011 national level near km directional drilling downhole applications technical exchange meeting[ 2012-05-11 ]
Hunan flydisc new material limited liability company is the original nuclear industry 233 factory as the main part of the formation of the establishment of a high-tech enterprises, the main products include tunnel drilling rig, which specifically for coal mine tunnel design, high work efficiency, convenient operation. In order to strengthen technical exchanges with the industry, peer learning management experience, the company actively participated in the UFO will exchange technology industy
Some of the technical features of CBM drilling rig[ 2012-05-11 ]
Recently, there has been a new trend of UFO rig. Following the flying saucer companies have developed a core drilling, geological drilling, engineering drilling rig, hydraulic rig, and committed to the development of CBM drilling rig. The company 's chief engineer Yin Xin and their technical team to Shanxi, after inspecting research, began to develop CBM drilling rig ufo.
Flydisc brand debuted at 2012international water conservancy machinery and construction equipment exhibition[ 2012-05-11 ]
Spring in March, green. March 22- 24 days, China International Water Conservancy Machinery and Equipment Exhibition International Exhibition Center was held in changsha. Company on the one hand, to send technical personnel to show visiting study. Let us observe the scene understanding peer products, the key research company is development of hydrological well drilling rig, understand the development of the industry trends, strengthen and Zhangjiakou, Hebei, research and development of this type
FlYDISC implement the" bureau of NPC and CPPCC" spirit[ 2012-05-11 ]
March 6th afternoon, flydisc to hold all middle-level cadres, administrative personnel meeting, communicate carry out2012bureau job conference and spirit of conference of the discipline inspection and supervision.First, general manager Comrade Ling Gang briefly introduced bureau" NPC and CPPCC " fundamental condition, key conveys Chen Shushan director on2012global deployment of the work
Drilling products exhibition China International Geological Technology and Equipment Exhibition[ 2012-05-11 ]
By the Geological Society of China Exploration Engineering Professional Committee, China Metallurgical Geology Bureau hosted the " Sixteenth National Exploration Engineering ( geotechnical drilling engineering ) technology academic annual meeting" in October 9, 2011to 12 in Nanning city to be held ceremoniously in Guangxi. The delegate that attends the meeting from23 provinces and cities nationwide, more than 110 units, a total of more than 300 people, involving a total of mine, metallurgy, nonf
The company won the " credit grade AAA enterprise" title again[ 2012-05-11 ]
September 15, 2011, Hunan province enterprise credit evaluation center director comes down in company award ceremony was held, officially awarded the company" credit grade AAA enterprise" honorary title, this is afterwards last year after the company obtains this special honour again.
Spindle core drilling machine to obtain CE certification[ 2012-05-11 ]
In October 17th, the British authority of the certification body Safenet mechanism of spindle core drilling machine for the company issued a CE certification, so far, the company vertical shaft drilling machine CE attestation job to end satisfactorily
Drilling technical training organization[ 2012-05-11 ]
In order to improve the technical, sales staff of professional and technical level, understanding of product performance, better to strengthen communication with customers, the company in August 5th, organization of the sales staff, technical staff for more than 8 hours to travel Chenzhou Rucheng Sanjiang town construction engineering drilling, geological drilling rig and other knowledge and on-site training, this directly to the classroom construction a field training in the form of company for
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