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电磁流量计 , 孔板流量计
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HGY-200 <span class=core drill rig" title="HGY-200 core drill rig" />
core drill rig"> HGY-200 core drill rig

Construction drilling of the projects e.g. prospection, geotechnical investigation, railway, road, port, bridge, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel, well, industrial and civil construction;

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HGY-1000 <span class=core drill rig" title="HGY-1000 core drill rig" />
core drill rig"> HGY-1000 core drill rig

1) Compact in structure and light in weight. 2) High reliability, good performance and durability 3) Common auto parts, such as clutch and declutch structure, transmission case and shifting structure. 4) Easy operation and high efficiency with synchronizer for shifting while the rig is running. 5) Suitable to wide range of rotation inner dia.Φ95mm 6) Be attached to the tower.

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