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Cu-Pb bimetallic material
Cu-Pb bimetallic material
1)Have the extreme high fatigue strength and load capacity, high anti-impact capability, and good corrosion resistance. 2)Applied to the high-speed heavy-loaded connecting-rod bearing of internal combustion engine, wrapped bearing bush and thrust washer. 3) Highload capacity 4) Effectivewear-resistance 5)Small volume and little weight
P-bronze bimetallic bush
P-bronze bimetallic bush
The products are made of the best strip steel with the advanced reliable technology. Following GB standards, we have supplied products to many well-known factories both at home and abroad.There are four types of the product series:hatch,fibula,trapze and turnover.In addition,all kinds of orders are warmly accepted according to the customers' specific requirements.
Natural surface-set diamond bit
Natural surface-set diamond bit
The bit is mainly applied for mid-hard formation and broken formation
Impregnated diamond bit
Impregnated diamond bit
Scope of application:the bit has the biggest application scope, which is most commonly used in geological survry and water conservancy,etc. specifications:foreign standard --Q series,T series,B series and W series, erc. Dpecifications -- single,double tube seriles:○36-○325,wire line series:S56-S98
Diamond compact (PDC) anchor bit
Diamond compact (PDC) anchor bit
It is applicable for anchor net extrusion and drilling of the departments. such as mining ,transportation and hydropower,etc.Half PDC anchor bit is applicable for soft formation F < 6;whole PDC anchor bit is applicable for sof t and complete formation F = 6-8 .
PDC core bit
PDC core bit
The bit has a fast cutting and drilling , with a long service life , good powder exhaust and high efficiency of coring . It is applicable for medium hard rock with a class Of 3-8 . And it is applicable for formation e.g. sandstone ,limestone ,schist and hematite etc

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HGY-650 Rotary Drilling Rig

Product category: rotary drilling machine
Hotline: 86-731-85560714
Fax: 86-731-85560764
Description:Construction drilling of the projects e.g. prospection, geotechnical investigation, railway, road, port, bridge, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel, well, industrial and civil construction;

Brief introduction:
1.32 years professional manufacture
2. Certificate: ISO9001:2008
3. Export to:  Africa, the Middle East, South America, Asia,
Countries: South Africa, Zambia, Sudan, Iran, South Korea, Costa Rica etc.

1) Compact in structure and light in weight.
2) High reliability, good performance and durability.
3) Common auto parts, such as clutch, transmission case and shifting structure.
4) Safe and reliable operations with synchronizer for shifting while the rig is running.
5) Be attached to the tower.

Use:  for geotechnical investigation, exploring, prospecting, water well drilling;
Widely used in the construction of the projects e.g. prospection, railway, road, port, bridge, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel, well, industrial and civil construction, geological exploring, large diameter boring pile and small diameter diamond core deep hole drilling, etc.

Technological Data of Drilling Rigs:


HGY-650 Mineral Exploration Drilling Rig

Drilling depth( m)


Spindle speed( r/min)

  Positive rotation rate: 65 117 201 309 440 187 338 582 894 1273

Reverse rotation rate: 72 207

Spindle stroke(mm)


Lifting power max( KN)


Driving force max(KN)


Spindle output torque max(N.M)


Spindle hole diameter( mm)


Lifting speed( m/s)

0.43 0.78 1.35 2.08 2.95

Lifting capacity(single) max(KN)


Diameter & Length of drum(m)


Movable cylinder stroke (mm)


Max distance from hole (mm)


Gear oil pump model


Nominal displacement( ml/r)


Nominal pressure( MPa)


Oil pump nominal rotation velocity(r/min)


 Electromotor model


 Power( kw)


Diesel engine model


Power( kw)


 Speed( r/min)


 Weight(power unit excepted)(Kg)


Overall dimensions(mm)




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