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FlYDISC implement the" bureau of NPC and CPPCC" spirit

March 6th afternoon, flydisc new material company to hold all middle-level cadres, administrative personnel meeting, communicate carry out2012bureau job conference and spirit of conference of the discipline inspection and supervision.

First, general manager Comrade Ling Gang briefly introduced bureau" NPC and CPPCC " fundamental condition, key conveys Chen Shushan director on2012global deployment of the work.

Subsequently, the participants watched Chen in the whole bureau job conference and discipline inspection and supervision work conference video.

Finally, the company chairman Comrade Li Jie on how to communicate carry out bureau" NPC and CPPCC" spirit made thematic speech, he asked the company, workshop leaders quickly bureau" NPC and CPPCC" spirit to the workshop, team and group, the company functions relevant personnel to quickly using the company's publicity column, publicity special topic production publicity NPC and CPPCC spirit, let the bureau the spirit of NPC and CPPCC in worker masses for having heard it many times, at the same time, how to carry out the spirit of bureau of NPC and CPPCC, grasp the company's current production to manage the job, put forward some requirements. Comrade Li Jie points out, since the spring of this year, the main products of the company 's sales are faced with different degrees of difficulty, the company should take step actively, deal with the current economic situation, powder metallurgy branch should take effective measures to expand the bushing sales, the Department must constantly adjust marketing strategies, increase the drilling rig products sales efforts, to ensure that the company's leading product sales advance steadily, orderly production and operation of. At the same time, to speed up the" back into work, a three" to strengthen the contact with developers, to ensure that funds are available, so that a new arrangement of demolition, land as soon as possible to enter the bidding process, on the other hand, the company must pay close attention to the site of the new plant construction preparatory work, at the same time to follow up with the303 battalion,311brigade contact and communication, do good land degeneration preparatory work as soon as possible, dish vivid company land assets, for the company to achieve leapfrog development creates a condition.

Chairman Li Jie emphasizes, the company implement spirit of bureau of NPC and CPPCC, is in accordance with the courage to reform, be enthusiastic and press on the shaping of personnel requirements, salary system and personnel system reform, adjust functions of strength, avoid occupied nobody do and someone doing nothing phenomenon, accelerating middle-level cadre exchange and job rotation frequency, push the learning company building, avoid company cadre mental laches. At the same time, the company will be determined in accordance with the discipline inspection and supervision work conference requirement, strengthen the leadership of the company, middle-level cadres power and performance monitoring, strengthen party conduct Lianzheng construction, prevention of corruption, the company will from reduce purchase cost, material management, strengthen the strict warehouse cleaning, the implementation of public bidding and other aspects, to ensure that the company in the procurement and supply, new plant construction bidding, land development and other links open and fair justice, try hard to form integrity work atmosphere. 

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