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Some of the technical features of CBM drilling rig

Recently, there has been a new trend of UFO rig. Following the flying saucer companies have developed a core drilling, geological drilling, engineering drilling rig, hydraulic rig, and committed to the development of CBM drilling rig. The company 's chief engineer Yin Xin and their technical team to Shanxi, after inspecting research, began to develop CBM drilling rig ufo.

The current world basically should use coal-bed methane drilling machine is mainly used in coal gas, shallow oil, gas drilling, oil well workover, geothermal well construction, and meet the domestic ultra deep hole reconnaissance drilling, but also can be used for engineering rescue, mine ventilation hole, drainage pipeline construction. Hole depth generally above five hundred or six hundred meters, diameter two hundred or three hundred meters to five hundred or six hundred meters.

Main technical characteristics

In 1, the host adopts full hydraulic pressure drive, automobile chassis, passing ability, moving quickly and easily, low transportation cost.

In 2, drilling arm uses the mast lifting wire rope speed, simple structure, shortens the length of transportation, increases the working stroke, power from the Cheng Da 15meters, is convenient for various construction process. Reduce the auxiliary time.

In 3, power head with can be warped type structure, maximum lift lift angle of 85 degrees, convenient drill rod withdrawal.

4, driller with high torque low speed motor drive, high operating efficiency, maximum torque can reach 20KN m, maximum speed of 170r / min, and can be based on user process needs to configure different parameters of the power head.

In 5, drilling with large flow high pressure ( capacity 30cubic meters, at a pressure of 25kg ) air compressor, driven high pressure DTH hammer in drilling, rock with traditional for drilling and rotary cutting drilling there is nothing comparable to this drilling speed and accuracy.

Our country coal-bed gas rig for ordinary vertical and rotary drilling, drilling in the construction in the use effect is not ideal. Some domestic units introduced foreign car full hydraulic top drive power head drill, in using a process actually shows its superiority, but the price is relatively high, parts supply cycle length, so that the drilling rig maintenance repair appear some of the difficulties.


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