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Rig using common sense?

Answer: (1) class maintenance:

The outer surface of the drill is wiped clean, and pay attention to the rig substructure slideway, vertical surface cleaning and good lubrication.

The examination of all open bolt, nut, insurance and other solid and reliable.
According to the lubrication requirements of the lubricating oil or grease, see Figure two and table a.
The check gearbox, gear box and the hydraulic system the location of oil tank.
The check around the oil leakage and as the condition to be treated.
The elimination in the class occurred within the other fault.


(2) peripheral maintenance:
The complete class maintenance programs required.
The removal of chuck and slips on the tooth surface dirt, mud.
The clean the inner surface of the brake oil, mud.
The excluded from this week 's fault.


(3) month maintenance:
The complete class, weekly maintenance programs required.
The disconnect chuck, cleaning slips and slips seat. Should be replaced if damaged.
The cleaning tank filter, replacement of deterioration or soiled by hydraulic oil.
The examination of the major components of the intact state, should be replaced if damaged, can not be wounded the work.
The complete elimination of the fault occurred in the month.
And if the drill does not use for a long time, the display part (especially the processing table. ) should becoated with grease.


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