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About T bits

 FLYDISC patent product T drill teeth is a new type of pressing bits, main features:

1, the use of the drill bit front lip surface is a flat bottom shape, use one or several back to times, lip surface wear to form a plurality of concentric circle dentate ( groove ), in the process of drilling with drill bit wear, consumption, multi-channel concentric circle dentate ( groove ) will be gradually extended to the drill bit, and maintain complete wear.

2, because the labial surface of the drill bit can always keep form concentric circles dentate ( groove ), and the grooves corresponding to the rock surface to form a plurality of rock ridge, because of extrusion, shear effect, so that the formation of a large number of microcracks in rock ridge, rock ridge in the drilling tool vibration, impact into a block and granular break off, namely form volume, thus greatly improve the drilling efficiency and prolong service life of the bit, multiple test shows that, the drilling speed is improved by about 50% than the same bit, improves the service life of about 30%.

3, because" T tooth" lip surface can always keep concentric dentate ( groove ), in the process of well drilling, the bottom hole rock to form a plurality of convex concentric ring rail ridge, it can play a good role in guiding, effectively preventing borehole deviation, thereby greatly improving the drilling hole quality.

4," T tooth" bits in drilling process, compared with ordinary drill reducing vibration phenomenon, so that smooth drilling rig.

5," T tooth" bits can enhance aging, prolong life, can be more widely adapted to a variety of rock drilling.

In 6, after repeated experiments and practical application show that, the drill bit drilling cost reduced 30%.


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