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Drilling products exhibition China International Geological Technology and Equipment Exhibition

By the Geological Society of China Exploration Engineering Professional Committee, China Metallurgical Geology Bureau hosted the " Sixteenth National Exploration Engineering ( geotechnical drilling engineering ) technology academic annual meeting" in October 9, 2011to 12 in Nanning city to be held ceremoniously in Guangxi. The delegate that attends the meeting from23 provinces and cities nationwide, more than 110 units, a total of more than 300 people, involving a total of mine, metallurgy, nonferrous metals, nuclear industry, coal, building materials, armed police and other systems directly under team and territorial units, including more than 10 domestic and foreign relevant company representative.

Company chairman Li Jie of chief engineer Yang Shizhen, marketing minister Li Jun attended the meeting, and with Zhao Erxin, Liu Xiaoyang and other professionals on exploration engineering technology in resource exploration, irrigation works construction, engineering, environmental protection and other aspects of the problem spread out development to discuss. Through the exchange of the drilling counterparts on the UFO in the drilling equipment achievements in the fields of sit up and take notice, have pledged to strengthen cooperation and ufo. The meeting of large scale in recent years is unprecedented, it fully shows the exploration engineering and geotechnical drilling engineering powerful vitality and wide development prospect.

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