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2012Zambia International Mining Exhibition ZIMEC2012Africa

ZIMEC is the only Mining Exhibition in Zambia, the show 's theme is through the cooperation and development of Zambia mineral industry. ZIMEC is committed to the field of mining unit provides technical exchange, trade, cooperation, development platform. ZIMEC is by Zambia Mining Association, Zambia Mineral Exploration Institute, AMETRADE company to be sponsorred jointly, each year in the Zambia capital Lusaka held a session. For the development of Zambia mining industry market international businessmen to provide the best platform. Many Chinese-funded institutions in Africa has been build, investment projects, the development of economic and trade, represented by the ATLAS international well-known enterprises have to open the Zambia market, ZIMEC will expand the Zambia mining industry market to provide greater opportunity.

Scope of exhibits:

Geological prospecting, mineral processing, mining engineering, mining, mineral recovery and reuse technology, mineral exploration, mineral industry safety technology, surface mining, mineral processing, mineral development technology, raw materials and mineral processing, transportation and logistics, mining machinery and equipment; scraper, transport vehicles ( cranes, conveying belt, underground loaders and truck, mine electrical locomotive ); open pit technology; auxiliary machinery and equipment ( air compressors, diesel generators, underground fuel tanker, transport equipment, rock crusher ); mining engineering tools and equipment, hard metal tools, abrasives, diamond tools; process equipment, technical diagnosis and repair modernization; mining engineering, mining engineering establishment and ventilation; drilling and blasting materials; block stress and deformation condition of the detection device; natural ecological system control device and equipment; engineering and measurement device ( all models); explosion-proof electrical equipment, mine lighting, mining safety facilities.

The market background:

The Zambia Republic is a landlocked country in Central Africa, and Congo, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Angola and other neighboring countries. In recent years, the country's political stability, economic development is rapid. The single economic structure, give priority to with mining industry. Rich in natural resources, dominated by copper. Copper reserves of9 more than 100 million tons, accounting for about6% of world copper total reserves, known as the" copper country" say, Zambia is the world's fourth largest copper producer, output of about 400000tons of copper in 2004. Cobalt copper ore associated, reserves of about 350000tons, ranking second in the world. In addition, Zambia's mineral resources include coal, are bituminous coal, quality is not high, located in southeastern Zambia and eastern regions, mainly coal mine is a Zimbabwe based coalfield of North extension. Zambia national forest coverage rate of 43%. Mining industry developed in Zambia, is one of the three pillars of the national economy, its main body is the copper and cobalt mining and smelting, is the world's fourth largest copper producer country and the second largest producing cobalt country. Manufacturing industry is relatively backward, raw materials and technology are dependent on imports.



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